Bulmers Pear 2010/2011 Student Marketing Campaign

The objective of the campaign was to encourage students to taste Bulmers Pear and to boost awareness of the brand amongst the student population in Ireland.

By creating a year long consistent campaign, Bulmers Pear successfully managed to penetrate the student market whilst maintaining high levels of brand awareness.
They achieved this by running with a fully integrated campaign using our full portfolio of services across the entire year.

Activity Included:

Goody Bag Sampling – 6 x weeks in Sept & Oct

14,000 vouchers across 15 colleges with Bulmers Pear drink voucher

2 x Full Page Spanner magazine – 30,000 copies across 30 colleges

Sept 2010, Feb 2011

2 x MPU Ads in our Spanner Ezine – Sent to 100,000 students nationwide

Sept, Oct, Nov 2010

2 x Dedicated Email – sent to 80,000 students nationwide

Oct 2010 , Nov 2010,

MPU on www.oxygen.ie, 100,000 student members

Live:   Sept – Oct 2010 delivering 200,000 Impressions