Direct Marketing

Online advertising is believed to be the quickest and most assured channel to the student. Whether website advertising, or sms and e-mail you can target your audience directly and more precisely.

We can target certain sections of the student community. Defining their age/gender and college where they live, what year they are in or simply what sex they are; offering a more efficient and cost effective student market marketing

During the registration process online and during freshers we gather the following details for each new registered user: Age, Gender, College, Mobile Number and Email address.

  • Pin-point accuracy and zero wastage.
  • Opt-in means they want to know.
  • You can define your own profile.
  • Lower costs than traditional direct mail.
  • Higher response rates.
  • Creates awareness.
  • Builds marketing database.
  • Content is tailored to individual’s interests, gender, age, etc.
  • Track-able: total sent, open rate, click through statistics.

Oxygen can personalise and deliver your message directly to the student by:

Tailoring the message to your target market through SMS & Email based on individual profiles.