The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is your passport to 126,000 discounts and services at home and around the world.

The ISIC card is the only United Nations endorsed student ID and ISIC card holders are members of a truly global club. Every year more than 4.5 million students from 129 countries use their student card to take advantage of offers on travel, shopping, museums and more, worldwide.

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What can the ISIC student card do for me?

Your ISIC card will save you money in Ireland and abroad. There are tens of thousands of student discounts on offer, so check what’s available at your local restaurants, cinemas and shops. The ISIC card is a real student lifestyle card. Keep it in your pocket wherever you go – it’ll come in handy time and time again.

Eligibilty for an ISIC Card

Minimum age is 12 – no upper age limit applies.

ISIC Student Definition 
Studying for a minimum of 15 hours per week, for 12 weeks of the year

You must provide the following:

  • A recent, good quality passport sized photograph
  • A valid student or school ID card which states you are in full-time education OR a letter stating you are a full-time student in school, college or university
  • Proof of your date of birth: Passport, drivers’ licence or birth certificate

GAP Year Students

Students taking a GAP year who have a confirmed study placement for after their return may provide CAO/UCAS documentation showing you have a confirmed placement for after your GAP year AND Proof of date of birth.


Providing these

You may either upload scans or high-resolution photos of these during the online application process, or post, or email copies of these.

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