On Campus Promotions

We have been working in partnership with college authorities, clubs, societies and local Student Unions across the country for 16 years. During this time we have built and maintained excellent relationships. We have teams of local energetic, outgoing and enthusiastic educators working on behalf of SMN’s clients on campus throughout the college year. We can carry our college specific campaigns as well as larger scale national campaigns.

Through our ongoing partnerships with colleges, we have established a network of contacts and long-term relationships, we are the only company in the country that can offer this level of direct marketing to students on campus. These partnerships allow us to ensure maximum return for each of our clients.


College Campus Promotions

Some campaigns we carry out for our clients include:

  • Flyer distribution
  • Poster hanging
  • Product Sampling
  • Promotional Events – themed stands
  • Recruitment campaigns (email/sms)
  • Sales Promotions
  • Product Tasting


Event Management

If you have a student event you need organised big or small, on or off campus, we have the knowledge and contacts to plan it in the most suitable location and to put together the best programme possible within your budget. We cover all aspects of event management from venue selection and administration to design and printing of programmes, brochures, flyers and posters.

We organise the biggest, most respected student event in Ireland – The National Student Media Awards.

College Educators


We put in place a network of educators in colleges across the country for a number of our clients. We recruit these educators through oxygen. We have a full time team of local Irish students on each campus. We also have a crew of international multi-lingual educators who can travel to language schools throughout Ireland.

Educator’s duties:

  • Set up and manage a society (for the clients product) in their college
  • Distribute promotional flyers and/or put up posters in their college
  • Conduct product sampling on campus
  • Organise a number of parties during the college term to promote the clients brand
  • Act as a channel for feedback to clients regarding new trends in the attitudes and likes of students
  • Educate students on products/software/services etc.
  • Recruit students information – data capture
  • Due to our excellent relationship with colleges we can ensure the best results from on campus promotions.

Our educators are hired based on their personality, presentation and ability to think on their feet. All of our campaigns involve interaction with the students on campus in an active manner and shoving paper into the hands of people passing is a complete no no!!!!

In advance of each piece of activity carried out, we gather our full team of educators for that activity to attend a briefing ceremony in our headquarters where we go through in detail the requirements for that specific campaign, the key objectives of the campaign and the brand guidelines. We also offer the client the opportunity to hold a briefing morning where they can explain their product/brand/service in depth to the educators in order for them to relay this information back to the student market.