Social Media & Social Media Management

Social Media

Our in-house team of digital experts can personify your brand and bring it into the day to day lives of your target demographic. By creating an interactive community between brand and customer, a relationship is formed that will be at the forefront of the mind when crucial purchasing decisions are being made. We have prolific methods of allowing the customer to feel that they have part ownership of the brand and thus, forming long term bonds.

Through our suite of digital marketing channels we can drive traffic to the medium that will be most effective for your brand. This streamlining of the communication process allows for more effective, specifically target messages reaching the influencers of your target market. Reaching the right audience will strengthen your brand communication

We offer two services

Promotion through our social media channels

Brands can be advertised through our already existing social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn. Target an database of students who have opted into the social media and so are interested in hearing the messages being promoted. A single post on our Facebook page can be seen by over 20,000 people.

Creation of tailored social media for your brand

We can create a social media presence for you brand through the development of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn for your business. We will then build a following of fans for your pages. The following will primarily be existing fans of the brand, we will then move to acquire new fans and hence customers for your business.


SMN will setup and manage student specific social media on behalf of your brand. This allows our clients to build and manage relationships with the student population. Furthermore it allows clients to communicate student specific messages away from their core social media pages and engage with a key demographic. Moreover by having SMN manage the page it does not eat into the time of in house marketing personnel.

When setting up the student specific social media SMN will use its digital marketing services and social media outlets to attract fans to the pages in the early stages